About us

Our Story

Like many great ideas, BookInBeauty started with a problem. It was another cold night and my partner and I were snuggled in bed (Both on our mobiles, of course!) and she mentioned how she was looking for a new place to get her nails done. Her usual professional had recently closed her doors.

As a man I was well-equipped to help her with this feminine problem (yeah right) and listened intently. Well… as intently as you can when you’re not really interested.

Two days later and she was still looking for a nail artist!

What was taking her so long!?

Had she been sucked into the rabbit hole of her social media feed?

Or even worse, contemplated doing them herself? (Oh please no, not again).

Nope, it was none of those things. In fact, she simply couldn’t find the right place for her. I found this baffling as there are hundreds of beauty professionals in the area. Why couldn’t she find one?

The answer, or in fact the problem, is that there isn’t ‘a one-stop shop’ to connect beauty seekers with beauty professionals. Instead she had to resort to asking for recommendations on Facebook. I knew social media would have apart to play in this!

Here lies the real issue though; she had many recommendations, however most of them were not suitable to her needs. They either; didn’t offer the specific service she required, wouldn’t travel to her location or were unable to work on the date she needed.

This is when the “ah-hah” moment occurred.

I realised that if my partner is having so many issues finding a beauty professional in the local area, then so must many other people around the country. And so it began: my fierce mission to connect the world of beauty professionals, with anyone looking to have professional work done.

BookInBeauty is an online platform created to connect beauty seekers with trusted beauty professionals, in their area.

Beauty Seekers ‘post a job’ on the platform with the specific requirements they need and then beauty professionals, that fit the bill, can contact them and book the treatment in.

This streamlines the whole process and allows clients to get their beauty needs met instantly!

With hundreds of beauty professionals already on the site, we hope to become the go-to platform, in the UK, for anybody seeking a trusted beauty professional.

Our platform saves people, like my partner, wasting their time searching for the perfect professional. Rather it transforms the beauty hunting experience into something fun, easy and fast.

By connecting the world of beauty, to every person looking to enhance their look, we hope to give everyone across the country a reliable source for hunting down trusted beauty professionals in their area.




Our Solution


BookInBeauty has 100s of Beauty Professionals from each county in the UK. All beauty professionals have a profile that showcases their portfolio of work, location, prices, qualifications, and previous reviews.


When you post a job on our site, beauty professionals in your area will send you quotes in a matter of minutes. This means that they’re interested to fulfill your beauty treatment. All beauty professionals that quote your job will be available meaning you are connected with a trusted, local, beauty professional within minutes!


Our Mission


BookInBeauty’s mission is to connect Clients with local, trusted, Beauty Professionals simply, quickly and successfully.


Our Vision


To create the ability to find a trusted beauty professional anywhere around the UK, in minutes.


The easy way to find your perfect beauty professional.