About us

Our Story

83% of Clients say that the Beauty Professionals they have been recommended are too busy to carry out their treatment and 42% also said Beauty Professionals are too hard to find.


BookInBeauty.co.uk was created to solve the above problems. The amount of Beauty Professionals becoming self-employed/freelance is continuously growing yet clients find it hard to find the right Beauty Professional.


Due to there not being a review system in place for Freelance Beauty Professionals, clients only get in touch with beauty professionals recommended to them from a friend. This is why clients are struggling to connect with an available beauty professional they trust.




Our Solution


BookInBeauty has 100s of Beauty Professionals from each county in the UK. All beauty professionals have a profile that showcases their portfolio of work, location, prices, qualifications, and previous reviews.


When you post a job on our site, beauty professionals in your area will send you quotes in a matter of minutes. This means they are interested to fulfill your beauty treatment. All beauty professionals that quote your job will be available meaning you are connected with a trusted, local, beauty professional within minutes!


Our Mission


BookInBeauty’s mission is to connect Clients with local, trusted, Beauty Professionals simply, quickly and successfully.


Our Vision


To create the ability to find a trusted beauty professional anywhere around the UK, in minutes.


The easy way to find your perfect beauty professional.