Helping Beauty Business Owners scale up their livelihoods

Are you a specialist at the beauty skill you offer but need a helping hand with the “Business” side of things?

Get coached, mentored and given industry tips and secrets from the ‘Beauty Business Accelerator’ webinar.


Join the ‘Beauty Business Accelerator’ webinar and you’re guaranteed to learn how to:

  • Get more clients
  • Expand your beauty business
  • Increase profits
  • Market/Advertise your services
  • Mindset/Motivation
  • Retain clients
  • Create an environment that your clients love and want to come back to!
  • Time management
  • Brand yourself/business
  • Network with suppliers and like-minded beauty business owners!
  • You’ll also get Business mentorship (help + guidance)

We’re looking for beauty business owners that are serious about increasing their income!

Grow your beauty business today. Increase your income. Receive mentorship and guidance.

Reason behind the Beauty Business Accelerator webinar.

The ‘Beauty Business Accelerator’ webinar was set up to support beauty business owners on their incredible journey.

Our aim is to offer support along with growth. Unfortunately, when you decide to make that amazing decision to learn a beauty skill and start your own business, you get no business support. We’ve found first hand that you just get taught how to carry out your particular skill and then told to create social media accounts and hope that clients trickle in.

Many beauty business owners are masters of their craft but have little to no business experience. We aim to guide and support these amazing individuals with our monthly webinars. These webinars are FREE for all BookInBeauty members so sign up today and start receiving more clients and unparalleled business support!

Struggling to grow your business?

If you’re struggling to grow your beauty business or if you’re feeling lonely and need support, then we think it’s time to sign-up today and find out how the ‘Beauty Business Accelerator’ and ‘BookInBeauty’ can help you.

The ‘Beauty Business Accelerator’ webinar propels your business to make more money, efficiently run your business and receive help and guidance along your amazing journey ahead. Most beauty business owners are left in the dark, feeling hopeless, and without a chance to grow and thrive.

The ‘Beauty Business Accelerator’ webinar will not only offer industry tips but also amazing expert advice from mentors that have been in your shoes.

“Everyone makes the decision to learn a beauty skill and start a business because they want the independence and to reap the benefits with doing so. But who is teaching you how to run a successful beauty business?”

Limited slots available

Your Host

Manisha Shah

Business Growth Coach

– Business marketing expert
– Successful International beauty business owner
– Organically grown business
– Rapid success rate
– Beauty business coach

“Hi, my name is Manisha! I’m an international makeup artist and business marketing expert. I have organically grown my business in a relatively short space of time and now help others do the same with my business coaching.

I’m extremely passionate about delivering business coaching and guidance so that beauty business owners can learn from my mistakes and grow their businesses successfully.

I love chocolate, all things purple and have a particular specialism in Instagram growth. I’m so excited to speak to you all and give you invaluable business advice.”